Make up - Blue baby blue

So my life is a downwards spiral right now but I'm trying to go with the ride and see where it will lead me. I haven't been alone for so long, but the most recently time it happened was similar to this. Alone in a apartment in Berlin, listening to Melanie Martinez with no idea of what's going on the next day. Focusing on my work, to see what I'm able to to creatively and just dunno, take care of myself and read some more. It's cold and the apartment have a silent echo but what to do, we are young and we can always change back. 

Limecrime - Filter
Neve cosmetic - InkMe Eyeliner

Melt cosmetic - Old rose

Lumene CC 
Neve cosmetic - rouge

Anastasia beverly hills - Pomade ash brown 

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  1. <3 <3 om du vill ha sällskap, oavsett om det är för drinkar, film eller vad som så finns jag tillgänglig!