What am I doing?

Okay so I've been here for pretty long now. I got a job, a good apartment and..
There it ended. I guess it went to fast to get 'okay' so i just stopped. I'm sleeping too much and doing to less and I NEED to start school or something. But it's so hard to decided. I HATE to decide and to sign up for things, so I'm just like...
Waiting for life to give me a better opportunity

But you don't get opportunities by sitting at home or sleeping. I'm longing for the autumn, when I'm probably going to do a good swedish course - but well. You never know with me, and I SHOULD studie German right now. But I hate spending cash and CSN point on .. what??

Thinking of doing a Make up course just so I can say that I am a Make up artist and so I can get jobs I want. But bye bye 3000-6000 euros. Wehhh..

Life, I just wish someone would turn me into 18 again and take the stress of my shoulders, bcuz right know I'm feeling paralysed. 

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