So I'm going to be one of those really uncool kids writing about Berghain. This was me and Nicklas second visit to this legendary bar - Berghain
It's like a whole own story here in Berlin, the myth - the ways to get in - how many that DON'T get in  - which cool celebs hangs there - etc 

It's always a fuzz, and it's always so nervous. Will we get in?
While we swedes do have an extra perk in the mysterious act of getting in to Berghain - we always dress in black, and we always think minimalistic. This is my advice for getting in - think that you're on your way to a (really really) cool concert. Don't overdress, be comfortable, be black and shut the fuck up in the que. Happiness is not a word for the swedes, aight? Same goes here for the que. Speak English or German to the bouncers, respect them as nothing else in the world - they've done this for so long that they are famous for it. They will know if you're worthly or not, so don't question them. Ok? 
And listen to them very carefully - they speak quick and quiet.

It's ofc  a super strict non-photograph policy there, so they will glue stickers on your phone (both front-and back camera ofc) and well inside it's so dark so you have no chance to get a photo on something nicer than the lights. 

And oh they have lights. And the music do not have a top decibel-limit. You will get the start to tinnitus in there. And everyone else there too, so you're in it together at least. 

And there's dark rooms, where everything's allowed, and there is multiply dancing floors with pulsating music and nonstop dancing .. Until sunday. So yes, it's a whole weekend of darkness, dance and music. At 07.30, they will give you a quick glimpse at the light outside, and after cover you in complete darkness one more time. 

And by the time you get out - you won't know which day it is, which time it is, how many tried to reach you and what to do next.

But, you did get in to Berghain.

And if you didn't, you can by a t-shirt with 'I didn't get in to Berghain' and join the rest. It's not the end of the world.

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