NEW KAT VON D - Eye contour quad + shade and light

Well. Kat von D is one of the most awesome brand that I know of today - and when I got a message from Kat von D beauty I nearly cried. Me, get her stuff, of all people?! I'm soo happy and overwhelmed! 

I didn't really know which product I was going to get, but when I saw these quads showing up on internet I had my hopes! And here they are - the four quads, made to match different eyecolors, a syntetic brush and a primer.  The palette SAGE is the only one vegan of the palettes unfortunately, but the primer and brush are vegan too.  And I know that Kat von D is a vegan herself, so I'm guessing it soon will be even more colours to find that are okay. 
But, more picturs yay: 
SAGE . to  match brown eyes, warm. VEGAN. Matte.

SMOKE - to match every color, cold. Matte except lightest one with some shimmer.

PLUM - to match green eyes, matte. Neutral, plumshades.

RUST - to match blue eyes. Warm redbrown shadees, matte except some shimmer in highlight.

Shade and light brush. SO FANCY with like a pen case that make you feel like Snape.

Lock-it primer. Shade LIGHT.

Left top: PLUM order. Right top: RUST in order.

Left bottom - SAGE in order. Right bottom - SMOKE in order

 As you see, the lightest shades do almost not show up on me. And for me thats great - i rarely use lighter shades that my skintone. If you have darker complex than me - it's going to be very visual as great highlight colors! I do love all the quads, but I have some favorites. The BASE color of SMOKE is a close dupe to my favorite shade in the VENUS-palette and the DEFINE color of PLUM is just goooorgeous. 

As you see, I've used them some but are going to do a full look of everyone later on. I've used the primer om the swatches - and I think it's really good! Just a bit to much color in it, but it gets really sticky and the eyeshadow get sucked into it. 

You will probably find these in Sephora soon, right now they are priced 26 dollar in US.

*press release

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  1. Holy moly, those are nice! But they cost up to 113€ EACH on german amazon. Is that the normal kat von d pricing? I'd love to get plum but it's just wayyyy to expensive for me :(

    1. Yeah no, they are supposed to cost around 40 euro!! :( Look at the sleek palettes instead maybe? Super affordable and beautiful!!