Did a impulse shop while my hair was falling apart and i just never got it right and soft again. And I want my hair to be lighter than it really is - so I decided to do a really visible ombre - effect this time. It's ofc more blueish IRL, but I do love it! Just need to trim it up and learn that I have more hair now - so it's harder to hide the clips.

Rapunzels hair have always been a good 'to go' for me. They are priceworthly,, quick delivery and nice staff at their store. It was (Svenska: 990 kronor, 100 gram, 120 centimeter långt och inga clips!) 100€ for 100 grams of hair, 40 - 48" wide and no clips. I bought the #613 just to get some yellow in the color.

Thinking of doing a video about how to color it!

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