Make up - I DONT KNOW

Old face, before I trimmed my eyebrows haha. They where going a bit crazy there for a while.. Right now, me and Nicklas is in a bt of a tornado - with moving, cleaning, working and studying. But as soon as we confirm our apartment (cross your thumbs for us PLEASE) and we are able to move - I'm going to be freeeeee for sooo loooong and have a bright place to do videos, tutorials and so much more. I'm longing for it so badly. And to eat döner kebab_ every_single_day_

But right now, it will be a bit of a gap between postes maybe. Bare with me, and you wont regret.<3

Nars all day luminous weightless foundation
Inglot eyeshadow for contour 
Anastasia Beverlyhills pomade Ebony
Inglot matte powder
Sleek rouge
Highlight Tikei Stardust 
Sleek iDivne - Oh so special!
Make up store cake eyeliner

Fairy Girl - Baby

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