Envy, classic red. Blue undertones

Fetish, coral red. Very neon!

Euphoric - lavendel, goes on a bit pink on me.

Rapture - gem of these three. Dark red!
I got a package a couple a days ago - filled with four beautiful lipsticks! The shades goes from pastel lavendel to dark red, and they are all vegan & cruelty free! The shades are very wearable and totally opaque by one coat - which I loooove! I think that these shades fits the most people, and they glide on smooth on the lips. I didn't use any lip brush on these pictures - as you can see - but it was easy enough to apply it. Only sad thing is that Euphoric goes on too light on me, and make me look a bit too tanned. But I'mma try to work that soon enough so I'll see how it looks in a full look.

They are 18 dollars/lipstick, and come in a super slick silver tube with magnetic thingies - so they wont slip apart. Feels steady in hand and look good on the make up table. I do recommend these if you want a safe bet-red to start with!

Any one you like more/less?

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