working on SVT

Today, I painted faces for a commercial/infovideo on SVT. HOW COOL? I got the job since the producer (one of the most awesome girlies i ever met) is a vegan and wanted vegan make up and people who had some knowledge about cruelty free etc - so she contacted LUSH who sent her to me. I also did the make up on 'Melodifestivalen's "commersial" before with her so it was sooo fun that she contacted me again! <3

We couldn't take pictures during the day, bcuz everything needs to be secret, new and fresh when it's on the TV - but hopefully I'll get some pictures later on! The whole day was amazing, and so inspiring. I know that this is what I want to do for the nearest time. The feeling to come home and not really have the energy to wash my brushes is pure love.

Been recording a youtube video btw, but Nicklas accidentally took it with him to Hudiksvall, so I'mma try record one more tomorrow!!! FUN 

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