I did something wild'n'crazy and LEFT Stockholm?? To go somewhere else in Sweden, so weird. But for very good reasons. I went to my mami José and had a wonderful time in her new town Norrköping. It took 2 hours with the train and it felt like nothing. We ate vegan food (so many options?!?!) and RENTED MOVIES? I'm not able to come to peace with that fact. We went and rented a movie... Even three, actually.

I also went to see my longtimenosee'n friend Milva, who is the foundation of all my good thoughts I have today. That was wonderful too, drinking tea and looking for somewhere to pee.

Well over all I forgot to save all my other snaps, unfortunately, so this is the only picture I have. But we sure are beautiful. Drinking cool drinks at a cosy bar. I'm definitely moving to Norrköping when I'm getting old and gray (or more colorful, I hope). As long as José stays there, and her life looked pretty perfect now, so happy for her.


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