I work like all around right now - it's lovely and I'm so happily surprised over how happy all our customers are atm, I mean - they are keeping a better smile than me, and they don't get paid for it! So cool. I think people right now is nicer than I ever thought. But maybe it's my vitamins talking haha. 

Everyone that are eating a bit bad, or eating vegan food should definitely eat B12. I'm, I KNOW that everyone knows that vegan MUST eat it. But even though we forget, we do other stuff etc. So I started eat it this month, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I feel happier, more energetic etc. So cool. So eat your vitamins kids!! 

And one other awesome thing is that my hair actually fits my extensions now? For one more wash at least haha.

Well, stress on and if you are alone on xmas, let me know and come here instead! I'll be working and later eating vegan goodies with ma homeboy.

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  1. Du har säkerligen skrivit detta i ett inlägg någonstans, men jag hittar verkligen inget! Så min fråga är; hur får du till din fantastiska hårfärg??
    Keep it up, du är grym!