Well, been trying to figure New Year out as usual, was sooo excited to go to Ronjas families place to celebrate, but got a makeup job tomorrow day and got invited to celebrate with Nikita that is here visiting over the holidays, so had to leave a raincheck. Gonna miss Ronja as crazy tomorrow thou ;_;<3

Other than that, this week have been busy in a really nice way - been off from work, while I was working the whole christmas, which was nice. So this week have been spend to celebrating with friends (alot. I should do a sober new year haha) and hanging out with Nicklas. Rarely happends because when I work - I'm away from the house often between 11 and 21.30, no time for fun there. But wellwell, that just makes the free days  even more important! Need to remember to put up pics from when I worked for SVT(!!!) yeah you read right. Well, tomorrow is a new day and soon a new year. Cliché as you would say.

Love yah
Random pic from random party for a long time ago

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