We need to stop

Okay so the world is tearing apart and we are going insane. Because of ourselves I guess. To walk or travel around in Stockholm right now is not fun. Not at all. People are talking so much shit in every corner and you stand there - able to do absolute nothing. Except writing. So I hope we all start to write, start to scream out with capitals that are only capitals because of what we are writing - not 'cuz of the big letters.  

I heard a family talking about not being allowed to sing the national song anymore. And the kid asked - with horror in they voice - what? 

And the mother hysched a bit and looked ashamed while whispering:
everywhere. Here, now. Because. 

She didn't know what she was saying but her words screamed like capitals in the bus. Or maybe she knew exactly how the words would sound, and that's why she looked so afraid. Don't say that out loud my child, don't let them know that I'm a fucking racist, please. But yes it is because of..

Because of the others.

And we can do absolute nothing.
Except write, talk, try. Because it is the absolute lack of fact in what the world is saying that are tearing up our lives. Soon it will be here too, if we don't reason with ourselves. Paris burned, but so was so many parts of the world already. And if we don't want it to come here and destroy the safety zone we have, we need to raise our voices, stop the bullshitting talk in our corners and help each other the best way we are able to.  

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