Make up - CEMENT

Okey so new hair, new tan and new make up - aaand a new piercing that Luna pierced through my nose. Feelin' FIESTY.

Gonna give up the tries with light eyebrows thou, hate it. It never gives the sharpness that I'm looking for. So byebye ash, hello black. (if you don't have a top tip for me to make it work?) And yeah I think I will like it more to write on english, but if it's awful - let me know. But I need to practise my grammar so. 

Mix o/ Kiko & Inglot's foundation
Inglot eyeshadow f/ contour 
H&M eyeshadow Candided Almond
Melt Dark Matter Stack
Limecrime Pumpkin Velvetine 
Anastastia Beverly Hills Taupe pomade
Limecrime Black Velvet
Limecrime Cement

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