Make up - Blue baby blue

So my life is a downwards spiral right now but I'm trying to go with the ride and see where it will lead me. I haven't been alone for so long, but the most recently time it happened was similar to this. Alone in a apartment in Berlin, listening to Melanie Martinez with no idea of what's going on the next day. Focusing on my work, to see what I'm able to to creatively and just dunno, take care of myself and read some more. It's cold and the apartment have a silent echo but what to do, we are young and we can always change back. 

Limecrime - Filter
Neve cosmetic - InkMe Eyeliner

Melt cosmetic - Old rose

Lumene CC 
Neve cosmetic - rouge

Anastasia beverly hills - Pomade ash brown 



I did an amazing collab with Twigmakeup which I just adored! I've used a variations of make up from Suva Beauty, Limecrime, Inglot, Lumene, Make up store, Melt, Kat von D etc... It took a really short time, and kick up my inspiration for doing more cool stuff really! 


YOUTUBE - Rusty Green

Using the palette Sleek Ultra Matts v.2, pigment from Inglot and Limecrimes Bleached in this look! Hate how weird the colors get ?? Mean it's the same picture in the video and here on the post.. OHWELL. Hope you enjoy! And please bring me feed back so I know how I should get better! <3


Berlin Life - The Green Market

The BEST bun I EVER tasted <33333

Nicklas found his kind of food too

Summer rolls - super tasty but germans have a thing for mint?? I don't like it in food so that's bad for me haha

a HUGE russki pirogie

Fave food place, we took a Captain's Bounty <3


WAfter an intense weekend with Nikita and kareoke, we went to The Green Market in Neuköln and just.. ate. Everything. It was so amazing, too bad it's only once a year? Or maybe two? Ohwell, it was SO GOOOOD, we tried to eat almost everything and I've NEVER been so full in my life haha. Love it


What am I doing?

Okay so I've been here for pretty long now. I got a job, a good apartment and..
There it ended. I guess it went to fast to get 'okay' so i just stopped. I'm sleeping too much and doing to less and I NEED to start school or something. But it's so hard to decided. I HATE to decide and to sign up for things, so I'm just like...
Waiting for life to give me a better opportunity

But you don't get opportunities by sitting at home or sleeping. I'm longing for the autumn, when I'm probably going to do a good swedish course - but well. You never know with me, and I SHOULD studie German right now. But I hate spending cash and CSN point on .. what??

Thinking of doing a Make up course just so I can say that I am a Make up artist and so I can get jobs I want. But bye bye 3000-6000 euros. Wehhh..

Life, I just wish someone would turn me into 18 again and take the stress of my shoulders, bcuz right know I'm feeling paralysed. 

MAKE UP - blue blue blue


Sofiaaa :*

Stole the pictures shamelessly from Sofias blog, We are soo cuteee :* Every time we work with the same photographer they mention that we look so much alike - but also each others opposite. Like I even switched to a gray top because it looked to much like a 'contrast' photo between us otherwise haha. 


So I was out with Sofia and took some photos while I was in Swede. I think it turned out ok! Even thou I only had black and was rushed with my makeup haha. But she's skilled and knows what looks good on a blog (obvious, bcuz check hers!) 

Coat - Solo  Pants - Monki   Top - Karins   Bag - Deadwood   Jewellery - Black ones from Rogue and wolves

Eyebrows - Anastasia Beverlyhills   Lips - NYX Copenhagen   Eyelashes - House of Lashes



So, after a super decadent night at Berghain - you'll need to loosen your buttons a bit and go to a more open and happy club (Don't read me wrong thou, Berghain is amazing well inside). Since we decided to go all in this weekend, we chose KitKat. You who'd seen the movie Cabaret probably are able to connect the dots to which club I'm talking about. But today, Kitkat is a very large club with many rooms, pool, hidden places and many bars. 

To get in to KitKat? Well, here you just need to be willing to loosen some buttons - or five - or go all extravaganza style in and glam yourself up. They are so amazing in the staff - they even let Fredrika run in and go to pee for the que - and you will find your self mesmerized by the people working in the bar so this won't be a problem as soon as you're there. 
So my tip? Be yourself at the full extend, and have fun forgetting about time and room
(Because ofc, no phones allowed and they do not have a clock in there)

 And the makeup?
I did some silver sparkling wet looking eyes, and nude lips.

NYX Matte not flat liquid foundation
NYX contour palette
Anastasia Beverlyhills pomade Ebony
Nyx HD powder
NYX rougeAmber
Highlight Tikei Stardust 

Kat von D - Smog
NYX Roll on eye shimmer - Onyx 
NYX vinyl eyeliner
Red cherry lashes - 110 
Kat von D - Lolita



So I'm going to be one of those really uncool kids writing about Berghain. This was me and Nicklas second visit to this legendary bar - Berghain
It's like a whole own story here in Berlin, the myth - the ways to get in - how many that DON'T get in  - which cool celebs hangs there - etc 

It's always a fuzz, and it's always so nervous. Will we get in?
While we swedes do have an extra perk in the mysterious act of getting in to Berghain - we always dress in black, and we always think minimalistic. This is my advice for getting in - think that you're on your way to a (really really) cool concert. Don't overdress, be comfortable, be black and shut the fuck up in the que. Happiness is not a word for the swedes, aight? Same goes here for the que. Speak English or German to the bouncers, respect them as nothing else in the world - they've done this for so long that they are famous for it. They will know if you're worthly or not, so don't question them. Ok? 
And listen to them very carefully - they speak quick and quiet.

It's ofc  a super strict non-photograph policy there, so they will glue stickers on your phone (both front-and back camera ofc) and well inside it's so dark so you have no chance to get a photo on something nicer than the lights. 

And oh they have lights. And the music do not have a top decibel-limit. You will get the start to tinnitus in there. And everyone else there too, so you're in it together at least. 

And there's dark rooms, where everything's allowed, and there is multiply dancing floors with pulsating music and nonstop dancing .. Until sunday. So yes, it's a whole weekend of darkness, dance and music. At 07.30, they will give you a quick glimpse at the light outside, and after cover you in complete darkness one more time. 

And by the time you get out - you won't know which day it is, which time it is, how many tried to reach you and what to do next.

But, you did get in to Berghain.

And if you didn't, you can by a t-shirt with 'I didn't get in to Berghain' and join the rest. It's not the end of the world.